Yamaha FG840 Guitar Review

When a guitar is an addition to a preexisting series that have done well with the consumers, the pressure is high. Yamaha FG840 is a recent addition to the brand’s FG series and there were definitely high expectations from this guitar since the day it was announced. Today, we feel safe to say that Yamaha FG840 has delivered in terms of quality, built, sound output and of course, price! In this review, we talk about the worthy new addition to the FG series; Yamaha FG840.


Yamaha FG840 is known as one of the best additions ever made to a preexisting series which in itself is a huge accomplishment for the guitar. Yamaha FG840 is an acoustic folk guitar. It has a cutting edge appearance and definitely pleases us all with its looks. There are many features of this guitar that make it noticeably better than its previous version.

Design and built

Let’s begin with the design of this guitar. It is a remarkable appearance with a solid spruce top. The appearance of this guitar is worthy because it is a seamless combination of eastern and western which gives it a very unique design overall. The sides of the guitar are flamed maple and it has a unique scalloped bracing. The dreadnought style guitar is a great size with a rosewood and nato combination built with diecast and chrome finesse.

Sound quality

The one thing that we absolutely love about the FG840 guitar is its exceptional sound quality. The sound hits all the right notes. Clearly, the listener can tell the difference this guitar has from its previous versions. The sound is more mature and well-balanced. Surprisingly, like other models this guitar’s sound output does not fade or wear out over time. In fact with more usage, the sound quality only tends to get better.


The one thing that we absolutely love this guitar for is its petite size and lightweight body. It makes for an ideal traveler’s choice guitar. The guitar comes in a complete package with a hard case, clip-ons and a pair of extra strings for added protection and ease of player.

What we think?

We think all the good things about the FG840 acoustic folk guitar. At a great price, this is solid gold that you can invest in. The design is beautiful and the built is seamless. Moreover, as far as its playability factor is concerned, it hits all the right notes. Yamaha FG840 will deliver for all beginner and advanced users as well.